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Gary Valan

Apr 4, 2016, 5:33:19 AM4/4/16
to mozilla-addons-...@lists.mozilla.org
Several years ago I signed in to addons and downloaded and commented on the addons page. For some more pesky addons that created a hassle I made comments, the latest being on tab. Today, I tried to add another Comment for OneTab and now FF wants me to sign in using an email a/c and not my username that I have been using. I don't remember which FF a/c because I log in using several emails. But a password recovery will lose all "Sync" info. I used sync once or twice and all it gave me was a 'yuge headache when it would go on "syncing" forever and hang. Maybe it was in the late 2000's, that should tell you when I last tried to Sync. Since then I just backed up my tabs and never bother to sync FF to other PCs or devices or bothered to even customize the FF browser.

But now asking for a Password reset just to be able to leave a comment for the tab dev would lose whatever information was synced years back or not - who knows?

All this just to access and use the addons page? Guys you should keep it simple.

I am sure there is a logic behind asking users to sign up for a Firefox account like Google does but its one I don't understand - at all. Google makes me sign into a Google account to make life "easy" for me. Then I have to sign in again to use various parts within various Google product? Why, is someone holding a gun to my head that I have to sign in again? Its a type of circular logic only Google devs and insiders understand and product users who just want to get things done have to spend time learning stuff that is not necessary...I apologize and am sorry for the mini rant but having said that FF is very useful and way more productive to use than the memory hog, Chrome. But that's another topic.

Please bring back a simpler way to leave comments on addons...or explain the logic. I'll try to understand.

Andrew McKay

Apr 4, 2016, 7:06:11 PM4/4/16
to Gary Valan, mozilla-addons-...@lists.mozilla.org
For most users who have a Firefox Account (there's something like over 10
million of them), its really simple because to log in to AMO. Using Firefox
Accounts is a way to improve the experience for those users and re-use the
many features that Firefox Accounts is providing. For most users it will
become a simple one or two click experience.

Maintaining two login flows would be a maintenance burden we can't support.

I'm sorry in your case its been a pain. If we can help you migrate to a new
Firefox Account or something to solve your problems, we'd be happy to help
you do that.
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