'add-on' has been disabled due to a non-verified Add On Signing -- but it's signed by AMO!

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Apr 12, 2016, 5:33:29 AM4/12/16
to mozilla-addons-...@lists.mozilla.org
How to get details why Firefox 45 tells users:
"ReminderFox has been disabled due to a non-verified Add On Signing"

... but Reminderfox is signed and released by AMO!

This message is reported by users to be thrown when trying to
install/update the extension, but also 10min after a "successful"
installation or with restart of FX.
(see customer comment below)

Any idea, how to fix/log the situation?


snippet from https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/reminderfox
see here:

On Wednesday, 13 January 2016 10:49:30 UTC-5, Guenter wrote:
> Firefox since version 43 needs to have all add-ons signed.
> Reminderfox loaded from the official Mozilla add-on page is
officially signed. So it should not be disabled with a restart of Firefox.
> If you're faced with the situation Reminderfox is disabled, please go
for the following steps:
> -- If Reminderfox has been disabled go the the "Add-ons" tab of
Firefox and enable Reminderfox.
> -- Go to the Reminderfox Options. You find that with the context menu
(right mouse click) on the Reminderfox icon on the menu bar.
> -- On the "General" tab use the link "Back up reminders to file" --
select a directory where you can go to easily again later.
> -- Remove Reminderfox with the "Add-ons" tab
> -- Restart Firefox
> -- Reinstall Reminderfox using the official page:
> -- If you are missing your reminders after the installation, open
Reminderfox Options. On the "General" tab use the link "Restore from
backup file"
> Please report back any other experience.
> Guenter

I have followed this post to a tee and while it works after I restart
after reinstalling. the next time I shut down and restart, it goes back
to being disabled. I've tried it 4 times now with the same result each


ReminderFox - the simple Reminder application for Firefox and Thunderbird

Jorge Villalobos

Apr 12, 2016, 3:59:25 PM4/12/16
to mozilla-addons-...@lists.mozilla.org
The add-on has <em:unpack>true</em:unpack> in its manifest, and it's
likely that something is being modified in the install directory shortly
after the add-on has been installed. If your add-on changes its own
files or stores configuration or other changes in its install directory,
the signature verification will fail. You need to use a different
location for these changes.

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