New Software I would to see from Mozilla :)

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Jul 18, 2015, 6:37:24 PM7/18/15
First of all, I have been using Mozilla software for a relatively long time. I used Phoenix, Firebird, then Firefox. I also used Mozilla suite and Thunderbird. You can safely say I am familiar with what Mozilla can accomplish. There have been memorable moments too such as the "we are finally releasing Firefox 1.0" thing.
Mozilla's attitude towards users and their feed back was always exemplary. I can tell when someone submits a crash report and Mozilla developers almost instantly figure out what is wrong that those are skilled developers.
I used to compile my own Firefox build or use unofficial ones back in the Windows XP days. I switched completely to Linux in 2004 and have been using my own builds since then.
I have also read about Firefox OS which I wish you all the luck with.

I have some wishes too. I would like to see a complete desktop environment for Linux from Mozilla. There are a lot of desktop environments for Linux. Why a new desktop environment?
The simple answer is because Mozilla can do it and it can be based on existing Mozilla technologies or future ones. It also is a new market to enter and it may be something that the Linux desktop universe needs.

Thank you for reading my wall of text :)

Marc Thabaud

Jul 19, 2015, 9:23:51 AM7/19/15
I feel the same.
I use also Mozilla since a long time, even I am no so skiller!
My wife use Windows 7 and I use Mac OS X and Linux. I have also a smartphone but not able to use Firefox OS (but in the future?).
The idea of a complete desktop environment for Linux seems a good idea and maybe a new era for Linux itself, because, today it is limited in the field of common personnal users (too much distributions and overall still too much use of the console to make it run satisfactorily); this idea could help a better and easier use of Linux for not skilled people in a well structured environment.

Just a hope? ... or ... a future?
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