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May 23, 2011, 10:57:37 AM5/23/11
to mozilla-labs-prism
I have a problem related with initial running of prism, that is if I
unplug the network cable, the prism tries to connect to internet to
communicate the local server. I have googled the problem
and many solutions available. However, None of them solve my problem.
For example, if I plug the network cable and connect the local server,
it is running normally, but whenever I unplug the cable it stops
working. I have solved this problem via adding "network:offline-status-
changed" setting "true" to configuration file via about:config.
Nonetheless, now I have another problem which is if I initially unplug
the cable and tries to start prism to connect the local server, it
could not connect and says "Offline Mode". For this specific problem,
I have tried many solutions such as adding "browser.offline" setting
"false". It does not help me. Any suggestions?
p.s. My working environment is mac os x leopard 10.6
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