Mozilla Labs Contacts available for Thunderbird 6?

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Dirk Strauss

Aug 19, 2011, 3:37:08 AM8/19/11
Hi, everyone,

perhaps I'm mistaken to post it here but:

is there any intention to make this addon to work with Thunderbird 6?

Also, it seems not to run on Firefox 6 :/


Christopher-Titus M. Vanderwall-Brown

Aug 19, 2011, 4:25:25 AM8/19/11
From a previous post (it's been a while) from one of the gents on the
development team, it looks like this project is dead. The data used to
create it will be put into other areas and used to create web-based
products. They learned a lot and were very happy with the development
items. However, from what I understood (and remember) the project is
overall dead as no one has stepped up to continue with it. However,
there may be features that were included that will be moved from the
initial project to new things. Let me check my history to see.

This is from Mike Hanson ( dated 7/6/2011

Hi everybody - here's a quick update of what's happening on the MoCo
side of this:

The Contacts addon doesn't have a full-time MoCo owner right now. It
was intended as an experiment, and fostered a lot of good conversation
inside the Mozilla community, as well as in web standards groups. There
isn't currently a plan to productize the addon, but instead to take what
we learned and use it in a couple product initiatives:

1. The Firefox Mobile team is actively working on glue to the Android
Contacts API with autocomplete in forms. This will the first use of
contact data on trunk product code. When this is done we can port it to
desktop Firefox with different OS backends. The tracking bug is #583242

2. The integration of web service APIs (Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.)
for contacts was very interesting, and also posed a number of technical
problems. For example, the use of OAuth for client-side application
integration, has a number of security problems that have still not been
addressed by service providers. That said, the project was exciting
enough that we now have two projects staffed to push the idea forward:

* The F1 project ( pushed forward the
idea of contacts-and-sharing services integrated into the browser. The
goal is to get that into Firefox ASAP. (

* The Open Web Apps project embeds the idea of "web activities" as a way
to model the APIs provided by a website and provide those APIs in a
safe, structured way to web content. It is straightforward to model the
"getContacts" API (or getContactCircles, or getPhotos, or any other
service you can think of) in this system, and the entire system will be
safer, more dynamic, and more open to new entrants than the plugin-based
model used in Contacts. We have recently started talking with the Web
Intents guys at Google, and there is interest in reaching some sort of
standards-based approach here.

You can read my post about service discovery through Web Apps here:
- we will be releasing a version of the Open Web Apps addon that
supports activity invocation very soon, but if you want to try the
bleeding edge, grab it from
Blog post coming ASAP, just want to get some sample code done.


[End quote]

I hope that helps Dirk.


Dirk Strauss

Aug 19, 2011, 4:33:45 AM8/19/11
Hi, Chris,

thx. So this makes the Thunderbird Conversations Addon "basically obsolete" ^^;;; (except for the messages view)


Mike Hanson

Aug 19, 2011, 11:14:27 AM8/19/11
Hi - just another update - there's been some more conversation about how to productize the contacts work here:


Christopher-Titus M. Vanderwall-Brown

Aug 19, 2011, 7:50:25 PM8/19/11
Thanks Mike for the update.


Aug 19, 2011, 8:49:02 PM8/19/11

sorry I AM FRENCH not english?
2011/8/19 Christopher-Titus M. Vanderwall-Brown <>
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