Add-on SDK 1.0b1 release candidate 1 now available!

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Myk Melez

Dec 1, 2010, 4:08:02 PM12/1/10

We've just released the first release candidate for Add-on SDK 1.0b1! Download it as a tarball or ZIP archive via the following links:

The final release is tentatively scheduled for next Monday, December 6, and this is a big, important release, as it our first beta!

Note that this version of the SDK is not a feature-complete beta, as we intend to enhance existing APIs and add new APIs in future beta releases. But it is a feature-stable beta, which means that we don't expect to make any breaking changes to the existing APIs in subsequent betas, and the bar for making such changes is very high.

As a result, this release features a number of changes to the APIs and their documentation that we have made for consistency, simplicity, e10s-compatibility, etc.

To have the most successful possible release, it's imperative that we test the hell out of this release candidate to shake out any last remaining release blockers. Can you help? Please do! Try out the candidate, and report any problems you discover via a bug report or by posting to this discussion group.

And if you think the problem should block the release, add a comment to blockers tracking bug 611250.


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