antennas on bouys?

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Vera Brust

Sep 28, 2020, 1:09:41 PM9/28/20
to Motus Wildlife Tracking System
Hey everyone,

my project at the German North Sea Coast aims at getting more signals from birds in offshore areas. We maintain quite a few receivers at the coastline in our regioin and do have some running at stable (ground fixed) offshore platforms. However, we are now discussing the idea of putting antennas also on moving structures, i.e. buoys.
While all the buoys we are interested in provide data on the compass direction and some even inclination of the buoy, we are very hesitant to use Yagi antennas, even on bigger buoys (10m above water) and some of them are too small anyways (2m above water). Especially being exposed to water hammering and constant and often rapid movements of the buoy at its anchor chain seems to be a real issue for any antenna. I am very curious to hear wheter anyone of you does have experience with antennas on moving strcutures and/or is using other, smaller and more robust antenna forms, possibly omindirectional ones (with amplifier?)?

René Janssen

Mar 7, 2021, 8:03:10 AMMar 7
to Motus Wildlife Tracking System
Hi Vera and the whole MOTUS community,

I looks like a hell to get permits to install towers offshore. In Flanders after two years we fixed it last year on a trafo station. That gives plenty noise, but well... it gave already also two detections of two different wheatears (Oenanthe oenanthe). 

How is the bouys idea playing out? It sounds great, but is it possible? Ferries has also (plenty) noise, but maybe an idea? Wind turbine promotors are complaining... Have others maybe great ideas? Very curious to hear your thoughts!! 

Are there already new brain waves for more offshore stations? 

All the best!


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