Error when trying to download receiver data

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Lucy Mitchell

Sep 17, 2021, 5:24:26 PMSep 17
to Motus Wildlife Tracking System
Hi all,

Potentially (probably!) a really simple solution to this...

I am trying to download the data associated with a single receiver. I am using code from the guide that looks like this:

proj.num <- "CTT-AD554C13AB19"
sql.motus <- tagme(projRecv = proj.num, new = TRUE, update = TRUE)

Of course when i enter tagme() it asks for my login name and password, but when i provide this (and i have double checked that I'm putting the correct thing in!) i get the error:

Error: Server returned error 'Invalid parameters'

What are the invalid parameters? I assume not my login and password because i have used this to download project data and other receiver data. So the issue is the receiver number. Is it incorrect? Or is there literally NO data to provide? If this were the case, should it not specify that? i.e. tell me there are no files? If the receiver is working correctly, which i had hoped it was, then I would hope there is some data available. Even runlen<3....

Can someone give me any indication of what the specific issue is and how i can go about fixing it?

Thanks in advance!

DeGroote, Lucas

Sep 20, 2021, 11:51:56 AMSep 20
to Lucy Mitchell, Motus Wildlife Tracking System
Hi Lucy,
Are you sure data has been transmitted from that sensorstation to Motus?  If there's no data, I've gotten errors.

Other potential fixes include:
Option 1 (easy) do motusLogout() or close and start a new session. May work. Particularly if you reset your password recently.

Option 2: update the motus package and any other R packages.

Option 3: reinstall R. You would be surprised how many time this was by far the easiest option rather than fiddling with broken packages.


Luke DeGroote
Avian Research Coordinator
Powdermill Nature Reserve
Carnegie Museum of Natural History

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