LoRa tags - any interest or existing technologies - 1-2km range w/ GPS tracking

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Christopher Lue Sang

Mar 28, 2022, 7:05:23 PMMar 28
to Motus Wildlife Tracking System
I'm doing research on different tag technologies for one of my graduate classes. I'm at the end of my masters degree in electrical engineering. 

My team and I have surveyed the current tags available and were wondering if there is 1) any existing tags (or interest in tags) that incorporate GPS tracking and 2) any tags (or interest in tags) that implement the LoRa protocol.

I'm aware of the weight and power requirements for bird tags. So I understand that this inquiry may seem naive. I'm simply researching where exactly these constraints intersect with available technology. 

A bit about LoRa. LoRa devices advertise a range of 1- 2km (sometimes even greater). Some are optimized for low power consumption and they are making their way into industrial applications.

I'm also interested in the user experience of the currently available tags by lowteck and CTT. They are very impressive. How frequently do they transmit their tag ID (under ideal conditions). How long do they really last? What are some of their shortcomings? 



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