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Geoff Holroyd

Jan 21, 2024, 8:36:56 AMJan 21
Hi MOTUS group

There was a question a while ago about popular articles on MOTUS. I just had an article published in our provincial nature magazine focused on detections at the Beaverhill Bird Observatory's MOTUS station in Alberta Canada - attached for your reading interest. I have also attached two updates that were sent to our supporters.

FYI, this project was funded by the bird observatory's members after we offered that they could name the nanotag and owl if they doncted $300. 50 members donated $300 each and two donated $4,000 so we could purchase a LOTEK receiver (with an added grant)

I have a question about the level of acknowledgement in such articles. The MOTUS Collaboration Policy states: "Individuals accessing open data are expected to correspond and collaborate with the project PI’s and other collaborators where appropriate, and to ensure at a minimum that projects and contributing collaborators are properly acknowledged and cited." In the attached article I used records of White-throated Sparrows and Bank Swallows that were detected at our Station, but the tags were from others' projects. On the fourth page you can read an acknowledgement. Is that adequate for a popular article? 

On the same theme, If I wanted to contact a project PI, how can I do that? PI's names are highlighted on their project sheet but not a link to their email address. Is there a repository of PI's emails that one can access?

Geoff Holroyd, PhD
Beaverhill Bird Observatory

NSWO MOTUS Update #4.pdf
NSWO MOTUS Update #3 final.pdf
Holroyd and Denton 2024 MOTUS in Nature Alberta.pdf
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