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Download Zip! Morat ¿A Dónde Vamos? Album Download Popular singer Morat Today dropped another great Album titled “¿A Dónde Vamos?” Its trending and is right here for your free download.

Morat's talentit becomes latent in their lengths, where their magic and creative capacity is manifested in the many and varied songs that compose them. Most of these pieces have become real hits throughout Latin America and also in Spain. There have been several awards obtained throughout Morat's career, as well as nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards for Best New Artist and Best Pop Album for his album Balas Perdidas. Also obtaining numerous multiplatinum albums in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela or Chile to mention a few. They have presented their live in multiple large capacities on their extensive tours, shows that their large fandoms have previously presented the imposing content of their albums. And this is the way that MoratThey begin this new period, wondering, wondering Where are we going?


1. A Dónde Vamos
2. No Termino
3. En Coma
4. Al Aire
5. De Cero
6. Primeras Veces
7. No Hay Más Que Hablar
8. Enamórate de Alguien Más
9. Indiscreto/Perdón por lo indiscreto/Date la vuelta
10. Idiota
11. Bajo La Mesa
12. Nunca Te Olvidé
13. Mi Pesadilla ft. Andrés Cepeda
14. Simplemente Pasan ft. Cami