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Hui Zhao

Oct 29, 2015, 2:44:49 PM10/29/15
to Moq Discussions
The error:
Moq.MockVerificationException : The following setups were not matched.

public class KeCallFlowApplication : ICallFlowApplication
 public void HandleCall()

 public virtual void PlayDebitAccountBalance()
  // blah

In my unit test

public void PlayDebitAccountBalance_Should_Be_Called()



var keCallFlowApplicationMock = new Mock<KeCallFlowApplication>() {CallBase = true};

// ACT

keCallFlowApplicationMock.Setup(x => x.PlayDebitAccountBalance());




 The entire message:
Result StackTrace: 
at Moq.Mock.VerifyAll()
   at KeCallFlowAplicationTest.PlayDebitAccountBalance_Should_Be_Called() 
Result Message: 
Moq.MockVerificationException : The following setups were not matched:
KeCallFlowApplication x => x.PlayDebitAccountBalance()


Ale Miralles

Oct 29, 2015, 3:37:14 PM10/29/15
to moq...@googlegroups.com
I guess in the ACT section you are missing the call to:
(Which internally ends up calling the mocked method and make the verification pass)
Maybe I'm missing something obvious here, but at a first glance the error you get is the expected behaviour.

Ale Miralles.

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