Why I still use Mootools and why the core idea of Mootools is still great.

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Dec 12, 2017, 5:33:52 AM12/12/17
to MooTools Users
long time user of Mootools here. 

Why I still use Mootools
For years and years I've used Mootools, in the beginning to be able to overcome browser quirks/differences, and now because it's still the only library that seamlessly integrates with vanilla javascript.
The core idea behind Mootools, which has been used as a baseball bat against mootools, has saved the library for me. 

Instead of having to upgrade to new module packagers and weird ever-changing syntax and idioms I've been able to just ease into new javascript API:s and solutions without having a javascript library work against me. While people used to complain about Mootools extending the DOM I always felt that Mootools saved the DOM.

While lots of my peers have moved on to using React I can't help to feel like I'm already one step beyond all the new problems that React users are facing. I've looked at Vue.js but again I can't really see where I would improve over controlling the DOM via Mootools. The abstractions of these engines really cements how applications needs to be built and you can't migerate code between these kind of solutions. At the same time turning a Mootools-powered system into a Progressive Web App (PWA) took less than one day.

What I would like from a new slimmer version of Mootools
With all that said I'm greatful for every new core javascript feature that brings vanilla javascript closer to Mootools and if there ever is any new versions of Mootools I would like it to close the gap between Mootools and vanilla by kicking out code supporting old browsers.

I'm considering cloning Mootools for my own projects, dropping everything I don't need, and replace/deprecate any implementations that now have proper browser support.

Has anyone else had these thoughts? What frameworks have you migrated to and why?
If you can't argue for using Mootools can you at least argue against using vanilla javascript?

Best Regards
Tor Viktorsson

I'm currently writing mostly Node.js server backends that talk to single page javascript clients running nothing but REST powered by Mootools Request that I have extended as shown below.
I also use the Class.Thenable utillity class alot clientside instead of using Promises at the moment because I like that I can reset and reuse Thenables. These days Promises has better browser support so perhaps I will give up reset/reuse-ability if that increases performance but I haven't proven that yet. 

Request.REST = new Class({
  Extends: Request,
  options: {
    secure: true
  initialize: function(options){
    options.urlEncoded = false
    options.emulation = false
    var encoding = (this.options.encoding) ? '; charset=' + this.options.encoding : ''
    Object.append(this.headers, {
      'Accept': 'application/json',
      'X-Request': 'JSON',
      'Content-Type': 'application/json' + encoding
  success: function(text){
    var json
    try {
      json = this.response.json = JSON.decode(text, this.options.secure)
    } catch (error){
      this.fireEvent('error', [text, error])
    if (json == null){
    } else {
      this.onSuccess(json, text)
      this.resolve({json: json, text: text})

Bryan Garaventa

Dec 12, 2017, 6:34:10 AM12/12/17
to mootool...@googlegroups.com

“Has anyone else had these thoughts? What frameworks have you migrated to and why?”


I started using MooTools some years back, at the time because a lot of our clients were using it and I wanted to understand it. Also, they were using a lot of public widgets as plugins that were causing critical accessibility issues for disabled users such as non-sighted screen reader users. So I started working on an accessible widget archive that automatically integrated all of the most recent advancements in ARIA and accessible development principles, and made this as a plugin for MooTools Core that ties into the rendering processes for MooTools. This is available here in case it’s of interest.



The AccDC Bootstrap for MooTools module uses the same integration, and normalizes standard HTML markup and turns it into dynamic accessible interactive widgets automatically, which is meant to be used within template engines and the like.



At any rate, this is what I’ve been doing with it.


All the best,



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Olivier Allouch

Dec 12, 2017, 9:02:15 AM12/12/17
to MooTools Users
I still use and love mootools in old projects that are still in production, but for new one, I'm all in with React, and for tiny projects that don't need such a big hammer, I go with modern Javascript and polyfill.io .

Dirar Abu Kteish

Dec 12, 2017, 9:13:21 AM12/12/17
to mootool...@googlegroups.com
I am still using Mootools for web application. Mootools makes sense more than any other library.


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Dirar Abu Kteish

Breno Ribeiro

Dec 12, 2017, 10:41:15 AM12/12/17
to mootool...@googlegroups.com
Well, i mostly don't use mootools but is still my favorite JS library. If i can choose, mootools always is in my list.

No, i haven't thought of removing things from mootools, but would gladly get an extra file for backwards compatibility if that's what moves it forward.

My wishlist for mootools is:
  • More popularity so i can find more projects with it :)
  • A "templating system" similar to what angular 1 has (manipulate this pojo, your interface is updated)
  • More support for NodeJS




Dec 13, 2017, 1:02:45 PM12/13/17
to MooTools Users
It's been a while since I received a notification from this group, all this nostalgia!
I was 16 when I first used MooTools. The OOP nature really improved my code and reduced its spaghetti structure. Ten years later, I still find the code enjoyable to read as it's easy to understand.

At the university I chose to use MooTools in a few course projects, it is a shame I didn't find any other MooToolers though! Everybody seemed to either code in vanilla or use jQuery.
In my final year there. I used kamicane's prime in a node.js project I don't remember now much about.

Does anyone else wonder if Brazzers still use MooTools in their members area? The library definitely made a user experience difference back in the day, first hand.


Dec 15, 2017, 8:22:39 AM12/15/17
to MooTools Users

Many years ago, when I had a choice between learning Mootools and JQuery to create a workable CMS, I chose the 'harder' option and never looked back.

Every time I needed the latest widget or effect from another library, I found I could easily duplicate it, strip out the excess code and incorporate it into my Mootools core code.

Even today, although CSS has moved on massively, Mootools is still the neatest option for me - I just like the structure - and most vanilla Javascript I use gets streamlined by the time I've filtered out my existing core functions.

As I develop in a design-lead environment, we only really encounter JQuery - for Wordpress, Concrete5, Laravel etc and in my opinion Mootools still has the edge for non-bloat and coding patterns.

Philip Thompson

Dec 16, 2017, 11:32:04 AM12/16/17
to mootool...@googlegroups.com
So glad to see some movement in this group.

Mootools will always be my first javascript love. It will always have a special place in my heart. However, I have moved onto other tools to get the job done. Since mootools stopped being maintained/updated a while back, it didn't keep up with the industry in how modern web apps are created. It may still have a place, depending on your needs, but it no longer fully served my needs. =(

When I am reminded of the javascript tool to use, it always makes me think of this great article: https://hackernoon.com/how-it-feels-to-learn-javascript-in-2016-d3a717dd577f


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Daniel Faure

Mar 26, 2019, 5:39:15 AM3/26/19
to MooTools Users
Hi everybody,

I'm still using Mootools (and I'm using it since 2010) because it lets me be creative. I love it. That's enough reason. I hope it's going to be mantained. 

In the same way, during the early 90's I used Clipper 5.x instead of Fox for writing applications: Clipper let me be creative, while Fox was a solution. I don't need solutions. Instead, I make solutions by means of good tools.

I'm very glad I found this group.
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