Xaml Compiler status report #9

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Iain McCoy

Aug 26, 2005, 10:31:40 AM8/26/05
to mono...@googlegroups.com
Hey folks,

Welcome to this penultimate report #9.

This week, I fixed the last few post-refactor bugs and made those
surface area changes I've been continually ranting about. I now think it
is reasonable to install mcs/class/PresentationFramework and
mcs/class/WindowsBase into the GAC (see? worthwhile changes). I also
wrote some documentation for xaml-the-language. It's very much a first
cut, and it would be appreciated if you'd have a look at it and give me
feedback/encouragement/abuse for it:
http://mono.myrealbox.com/source/trunk/mcs/tools/xamlc/README (as I
write this, that file hasn't actually updated yet, but by the time
anyone reads this there's a good chance that anonsvn will have
synchronized and it will all be happy). Does it read reasonably well?
I'm trying to hit both tutorial-introduction and definition-of-behaviour
with the same prose, which I'm not actually sure is possible yet.

All my tests are passing. This means that assuming I've got the
blighters right, my goals for the project are achieved. This week, I'm
going to try to get those of my tests for which this makes sense to pass
on windows. I'm also going to try to use my xaml compiler to compile
some actual xaml examples for windows. I suspect these will both reveal
holes in my work that I need to fill. If they don't, I'll start on
either the extensions mechanism or the serialization mechanism. I expect
to get both of these done eventually, despite them both being outside
the scope of my proposal and summer-of-code work.

No particular problems this week, except that as soon as I say "right,
this bug shouldn't block the sending of the status report" and send a
status report stating among other things that the bug is beating me, I
find the bug about half an hour later. This has happened twice. Oh, I
had assignments due, that sucked.

Hope everyone has a pleasant last week.

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