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Jim Dandylion

Sep 8, 2014, 8:50:36 AM9/8/14
Monkey Studio is great.

I installed it on an old Athlon XP machine, under Linux Mint 17, after the latest Ubuntu Qt Creator package failed because it had been compiled with sse2 optimisations which the Athlon XP CPU doesn't have. (Qt Designer 4 and Qt Assistant 4 still work.) Unfortunately, despite several attempts, I have been unable to compile Beaverdbg machine. Could I suggest that Ubuntu, Monkey Studio, or some other kind person please make available a pre-compiled (without sse2) Debian package for Beaverdbg to install and use with Monkey Studio? Or could the Monkey Studio package include Beaverdbg as standard?

Thank you.

Filipe Azevedo

Jul 27, 2015, 12:56:15 PM7/27/15
to Monkey Studio IDE,

thanks for your interest but Beaver debugger is just discontinued.
It was an horrible hack around QtCreator, so if u like it, consider contacting QtCreator proejct directly.

Cheers, P@sNox,
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