Linux Binary & Heartbeat Security Issue

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Apr 13, 2014, 2:08:25 AM4/13/14
Hello Mongoose!

I am a Mongoose Linux user user.

First off I noticed your new downloads page doesn't have any linux builds. Is there plains to add this?

I got Mongoose off of this page:

It says it includes ssl, and in the source it seems you statically link the binary with openssl (

What version of openssl is included? Has it been patched for heartbleed?

Best wishes!

Sergey Lyubka

Apr 13, 2014, 3:21:21 AM4/13/14
to mongoose-users,


Recent versions of Mongoose binary (since 5.3, as per do not have built-in SSL support. Earlier versions do. However OpenSSL was never used by released Mongoose binaries, it has always been WolfSSL ( 

WolfSSL is great and provides industry-grade SSL implementation. WolfSSL has OpenSSL compatibility layer meaning that source code that targets OpenSSL can be built with WolfSSL.

So Mongoose users that are using earlier binary releases are safe.


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