Embedded example won't compile with gcc in Linux?

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Chetan Bhasin

Sep 25, 2013, 9:50:28 AM9/25/13
to mongoos...@googlegroups.com

This is the first time I am working with mongoose so don't know a lot about it.

Before I could start using mongoose as an embedded server for my project I thought it would be better if I just tried and ran and example first.

So I used hello.c, mongoose.c, and mongoose.h given on this page: https://code.google.com/p/mongoose/

but when I try to compile the code using GCC or G++ I get the following errors:

g++ -o server hello.c mongoose.c
/tmp/cc6d6YeG.o: In function `mg_start_thread':
mongoose.c:(.text+0x1432): undefined reference to `pthread_create'
/tmp/cc6d6YeG.o: In function `load_dll(mg_context*, char const*, ssl_func*)':
mongoose.c:(.text+0xbdde): undefined reference to `dlopen'
mongoose.c:(.text+0xbe42): undefined reference to `dlsym'

I don't know where I went wrong and what must be done in order to solve this problem.

OS in use: Linux Mint Rairing Ringtail

Sergey Lyubka

Sep 25, 2013, 9:54:14 AM9/25/13
to mongoose-users
gcc -o server hello.c mongoose.c -ldl -pthread

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Ulrich Hertlein

Sep 27, 2013, 1:42:44 PM9/27/13
to mongoos...@googlegroups.com, mongoos...@googlegroups.com

> On 27.09.2013, at 15:57, Chetan Bhasin <chetanb...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Now, however, when I tried using the same command at Arch Linux with base-devel installed it gave me a huge list of errors in mongoose.c.

You don't say! Fascinating!

Seriously, since you're not giving ANY useful information you're obviously only making small talk.

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