Faking topologies and fetching auth with mongoid5 beta

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Daniel Doubrovkine

Jul 9, 2015, 11:04:16 AM7/9/15
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I am trying to add compatibility with Mongoid5 to https://github.com/dblock/mongoid-shell (current WIP in https://github.com/dblock/mongoid-shell/tree/mongoid-5). This gem examines the guts of server configuration to produce command lines that work with mongo command line tools. We use it a lot in rake tasks.

Question 1: I used to be able to load a real mongoid configuration session by name in a test and make it disconnected like so:

      allow_any_instance_of(Moped::Address).to receive(:resolve).and_return(false)
      config = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), '../../support/config/mongoid34.yml')
      Mongoid.load! config, :production
      session = Mongoid::Sessions.with_name(name)
      allow(session.cluster.nodes.last).to receive(:primary?).and_return(true)

How do I do this now? I got this far, but it looks like cluster.servers ends up blank every time.

      socket = Mongo::Socket::TCP.new('', 27017, 30, Socket::PF_INET)
      allow_any_instance_of(Mongo::Address).to receive(:socket).and_return(socket)
      config = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), '../../support/config/mongoid5.yml')
      Mongoid.load! config, :production
      session = Mongoid::Clients.with_name(name)
      server = session.cluster.servers.last
      allow(server).to receive(:primary?).and_return(true)

Question 2: When a configuration uses a username/password, how can I fetch the auth from a server? It used to be something like this:

              node = session.cluster.nodes.first
              return nil if !node.credentials.key?(db) || node.credentials[db].empty?

I understand this is a bit hacky, any other suggestion appreciated.

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