GenericReferenceField doesn't validate choices on upsert

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Jaymin Patel

Jan 27, 2022, 6:27:32 PMJan 27
to MongoEngine Users

I am trying to use the GenericReferenceField with the given choices of reference models and use the upsert_one() to update or create a new entry. Below are the example models for understanding.

class A(me.Document):
    name = me.StringField()
    meta = {"strict": False}

class B(me.Document):
    name = me.StringField()
    meta = {"strict": False}

class Z(me.Document):
    name = me.StringField()
    meta = {"strict": False}

class C(me.DynamicDocument):
    category = me.StringField()
    object_oid = me.GenericReferenceField(choices=[A, B])
    meta = {"strict": True}

Using given models, below code is expected to create a new field if it doesn't exist because the object_oid we save is reference to model A and B as defined in the choices:
a_obj = A.objects.get(name='Apple')
C.objects({'category': 'C', 'object_oid': a_obj})
b_obj = B.objects.get(name='Banana')
C.objects({'category': 'C', 'object_oid': b_obj})

Below code has two scenarios where we try to save and upsert entries. As Z is not in the choices of the GenericReferenceField, both these scenarios  should throw Validation error. However, on calling save() it validates the choices but on calling upsert_one() it doens't validates.
z_obj = Z.objects.get(name='Zebra')
i) C(category='Z', device_oid=z_obj).save()   // Throws the Validation error
ii) C.objects({'category': 'C', 'object_oid': z_obj}) // Doesn't throw a Validation error

Please let me know if this is a bug or is there any other way to validate the GenericReferenceField choices?


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