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Bryan Hunt

Jul 19, 2013, 11:35:17 PM7/19/13
Hi all,

I've been slowly working on a new version of MongoEMF.  The code is starting to take shape and I hope to have a release available in a few weeks.  This upcoming release has gone through some major refactoring.  I have split out several pieces of the code into separate projects since those portions of code can stand alone.  These new projects can be found here:

The new work on MongoEMF can be found in mongo-emf: in the next branch.  I need to verify that the unit tests and examples still work, but I think the majority of the refactoring is complete.  I'm currently debating on changing the package hierarchy to org.eclipselabs.mongoemf.* to be consistent with my other projects - thoughts?

I do have one new feature that I hope you will find useful: native queries.  You can now put native MongoDB queries in the URI as inline JSON:

mongodb://host/db/collection? { filter : { your filter here }, projection : { your projection here }, sort : { your sort here }, limit : { your limit here } }

That's all for now.

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