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Attention: MongoDB Community Members - We have moved!

The new MongoDB Community forums are now live! We've built the forums to give you a centralized place to connect with other MongoDB users, ask questions, and get answers. The new forums will soon take the place of this Google Group and will consolidate with our other community channels that you may be familiar with (Google Groups, Slack, etc.), so we highly recommend you hop over and take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this new platform.

Join your fellow community members who have already made the switch. To get started, sign in to with your credentials. Set up your profile, find friends, and create an intro post in our Welcome category. Browse the discussions already taking place and post questions and topics of your own.

We are always interested in improving your experience, so please continue to share your comments and feedback about the forums in the Site Feedback category. We look forward to seeing you there!