Server/UI Release - cloud-1.3.0/2.4.2

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MongoDB Stitch Announcements

Jan 22, 2018, 9:21:23 PM1/22/18
to MongoDB Stitch Announcements
Hello all,

We've released the cloud version of Stitch to cloud-1.3.0 and the UI to 2.4.2 to all production servers.

Here are some of the key changes:

Server (cloud-1.3.0)

New Features
  • New Admin API endpoints to send user reset password email and resend confirmation email - to be documented and exposed in UI at a later date
  • New Admin API endpoint for retrieving a user's devices - to be documented and exposed in UI at a later date
  • Creation date of a user is now stored in the Admin API v3.0 model as creation_date

  • Support multiple audience claims in JWT for the custom auth provider
  • Only add new fields to user metadata on subsequent auth requests

Internal Improvements
  • Start sending some metrics to Prometheus

UI (2.4.2)

New Features
  • Incoming Webhooks
    • Add the ability to select a user to run an incoming webhook as. Options include:
      • A user chosen upfront
      • A Stitch user ID returned by a script
      • The system user (the default and current behavior)
        • Note: Service rules do not apply to this user
  • Add service now has a cancel button
  • Add user modal now has a cancel button
  • Make font size styling more consistent across the UI
  • Improve appearance of Push Notification modals

Internal Improvements
  • Upgrade to React 16!
  • Start using LESS everywhre
  • Refactor radio buttons into more reusable components
  • Refactor user viewer state management
Please let us know if have any questions, feedback, or notice any issues on the MongoDB Stitch Users Group.

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