MongoDB Stitch iOS SDK Release - 3.0.0

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Feb 19, 2018, 8:43:32 PM2/19/18
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Hello all,

We've released the 3.0.0 version of the Stitch iOS SDK. Below are the changes:


Usage of StitchClient

StitchClient can longer be constructed directly. Instead, StitchClientFactory has been introduced to asynchronously perform any initialization steps needed to create a StitchClientStitchClientFactory has a function called create that will return a Promise that will resolve with a StitchClient after initialization. The resolved client should be used for the lifetime of the application.

PromiseKit is now the Promise library of choice. StitchTask has been completely removed. Please see for more information.

Migration Path

// old, 2.x.x usage
import StitchCore
let stitchClient = StitchClient(appId: "<app-id>");
stitchClient.anonymousAuth().then { authedId in print(authedId) }
// app initialization code

// new, 3.x.x usage
import StitchCore
let stitchClientPromise = StitchClientFactory.create(appId: "<app-id>")
var stitchClient: StitchClient!
stitchClientPromise.then { client in 
    stitchClient = client
    return stitchClient.login()
}.done { _ in

Since the StitchClient is only available after the Promise resolves, initialization of an app should be deferred until this time and the client reference should be passed to some initialization component/function.

NOTE: Attempting to construct a StitchClient without using StitchClientFactory will result in an error being thrown.

Multiple Apps

  • Add support for multiple StitchClients (with different associated applications).


Previously, logging in with a provider while already logging caused no log in to happen which proved to be confusing. These new semantics are in effect:

  • Authenticating multiple times with anonymous authentication while already authenticated anonymously does nothing and returns the current user ID.
  • Authenticating with any provider but anonymous will log out the current user and then log in with the new provider.
  • Add isAuthenticated() method to the StitchClient class. This method should be used to check if any authentication work needs to happen. It returns a boolean declaring whether or not the current client is authenticated.
  • Add Client API key management. This feature allows one to create API keys linked to the currently logged in user. This does not work on anonymous users or Server API key users.
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