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Filippo Zerostress

Dec 22, 2019, 8:22:23 AM12/22/19
to mongodb-dev
Hi everybody, I'm building a opensource project containing typescript definitions for mongodb operators but I'm struggling to find a complete reference about top level operators.

In the original documentation there is no reference to them and even in the single operator reference (for example $ne) is not mentioned anywhere, even tho is kind of logic deduction if you look at the described syntax:

Syntax{field: {$ne: value} }

Since building this definitions as much reliable as possible, requires me to have a deep understanding of the operators It will be useful to know which ones are top level so I can perform some kind of validations in my definition files.

I tried to look on github at the source code, but the codebase is really large and may take a lot of time to find what I'm looking for without knowing exactly where to look.

Still a work in progress because unfortunately I don't have much time and my typescript kungfu skills are limited right now.

Screenshot of the tool in action attached below.
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