Mongo Ruby Driver 1.8.0 has been released

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Tyler Brock

Nov 27, 2012, 4:32:56 PM11/27/12
It can be installed via rubygems:
"gem install mongo"
"gem install bson_ext" (for the optional extensions)

Or updated via "gem update"

* New top level class Mongo::MongoClient acknowledges writes by default
* New top level class Mongo::ReplSetClient acknowledges writes by default
* New top level class Mongo::ShardedClient acknowledges writes by default
* MongoClient, MongoReplicaSetClient, MongoShardedClient and GridFS implement a new write concern interface at Client, DB, Collection, and Operation levels
* Deprecation of Mongo::Connection in favor of Mongo::MongoClient
* Deprecation of Mongo::ReplSetConnection in favor of Mongo::MongoReplicaSetClient
* Deprecation of Mongo::ShardedConnection in favor of Mongo::MongoShardedClient
* Allow specification of comment query opt (Evan Broder)
* Fix for pool authentication and logout (Olivier Bonnaure)
* Fix for cursor not being closed in presense of exceptions (Simon Simeonov)
* Fix for data send failure not closing socket (Nelson Elhage)
* Tutorials and non code documentation moved to GitHub wiki

As always, please report any and all issues on Jira.

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