Version 1.7 of the C#/.NET driver is now available

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Robert Stam

Nov 27, 2012, 2:55:12 PM11/27/12
Version 1.7 of the C#/.NET driver is now available.

This is a major release that has two major goals: to standardize on the name
WriteConcern and to make Acknowledged the new default WriteConcern. There is
also a new root object called MongoClient that implements the new default
WriteConcern of Acknowledged (see the Release Notes).

For more information on why this change is being made across all drivers see:

The following classes are deprecated and being replaced:

- SafeMode is replaced by WriteConcern
- SafeModeResult is replaced by WriteConcernResult
- MongoSafeModeException is replaced by WriteConcernException

An online version of the release notes is available at:

The list of JIRA issues resolved in this release is available at:

The C#/.NET driver is available for download in source or binary form (.msi
installer or .zip file) from:  

Note: if you download the zip file, depending on how you unzip the file you may
need to "Unblock" the help file. You can do so by right clicking on the
"CSharpDriverDocs.chm" file and selecting Properties, and then clicking on the
"Unblock" button. You will need to "Unblock" the help file if you see the
message "Navigation to webpage was canceled" where the help text would normally

The C#/.NET driver is also available on NuGet at:  

Online documentation is available at:  

The online API reference documentation is available at: 

Bugs and suggestions can be submitted at:  

Questions can be posted on the mongodb-user group:  

We monitor this group and will be happy to answer any questions you post here.

The .C#/NET driver team
Robert, Craig and Sridhar

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