mongo-java-driver 2.10.0 released

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Jeff Yemin

Nov 27, 2012, 12:15:32 PM11/27/12
Version 2.10.0 of the MongoDB Java driver has been released. The main new feature in this release is the introduction of a new top-level class: MongoClient. This class extends the existing Mongo class, but changes the default write concern to be WriteConcern.ACKNOWLEDGED (an alias of WriteConcern.SAFE). For the curious, please read the blog post on for the reasoning behind this change. Also, check out the updated Java driver tutorial for usage examples:


* - Add MongoClient class, to supersede existing Mongo class, with a default WriteConcern.ACKNOWLEDGED. See

Downloads: and
Release Notes:

As always, we greatly appreciate any feedback. Please report bugs at in the JAVA project against the 2.10.0 release or start a discussion on the mongodb-user list.


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