Announcing libbson and libmongoc 1.16.0

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Kevin Albertson

Jan 16, 2020, 11:01:11 PM1/16/20

I'm pleased to announce version 1.16.0 of libbson and libmongoc, the libraries constituting the MongoDB C Driver.


Bug fixes:

  • Fix crash if an empty BSON binary value is copied and then appended.
  • Fix out-of-bounds read when parsing JSON.
  • Fix out-of-bounds read when parsing base64.



  • Support Client-side Field Level Encryption.
  • Support ability to pass an index hint to update operations.
  • Add cmake export targets.

Bug fixes: 

  • Fix a bug with Windows SSPI failing to authenticate with GSSAPI when using pooled clients for certain operations.
  • Fix behavior for bulk writes that retry to keep track of the successful server.
  • Remove hard limit of 1024 characters for SRV response.
  • Fix racy crash when using client pool against a sharded cluster if a server is invalidated shortly before a new socket is opened against it.
  • Remove unnecessary library dependencies causing overlinking.
  • Ensure server proof has been validated during SCRAM conversation.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.

  • Kevin Albertson
  • Jeremy Mikola
  • Clyde Bazile
  • Andreas Braun
  • Roberto C. Sánchez
  • Samantha Ritter
  • Isabel Atkinson
  • Kaitlin Mahar
  • Diego Barrios Romero
  • Sara Golemon
  • Vasil Velichkov
  • EGuesnet

-- Kevin Albertson

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