4th May MoMoEdi: Entrepreneurial Opportunities in IoT and Wearables

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Geoff Ballinger

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In our March event I presented a somewhat negative, glass half empty, view of IoT and the hype and confusion surrounding it. I am still not entirely convinced any two people actually mean the same thing when they say IoT ...

There is of course a positive, glass half full, side to IoT and Wearables, with a plethora of novel devices and capabilities capable of being put into the world around us or around our person. This is opening up a huge range of new possibilities which the creative entrepreneur can take advantage of. Our view of what is “normal” in the world is on the move again and that always creates opportunities!

To explore this we are delighted to have three speakers who are very much active in the space to share their views, experiences and challenges of working in the IoT and Wearables space:

* David Rogers, Founder and CEO at Copper Horse Solutions Ltd (http://www.copperhorse.co.uk/)

Security and trust are obviously major concerns in IoT and David’s initial work in that area led him to become aware of, and inspired by, the huge range of new opportunities that smart connected devices in the world around us can provide. He is currently in the process of developing IoT equipment for disaster relief using drones and is in the early stages of a startup for that. David will talk about challenges and opportunities in IoT development as well as security and privacy aspects.

* Simon Montford, Founder at WEB3//IOT (www.web3iot.com), 

Simon will focus on current trends & the future of wearable tech. He will provide an overview of the market landscape as it currently is, and will share his insights into how he believes the landscape will evolve over the next few years. He will also share where he thinks the greatest opportunities lie, in order to help tech entrepreneurs understand where unmet needs currently exist within both the consumers market, and the enterprise.

* Dr Tim Willis, Founder at Nautilus Beam

In January 2015 Tim took an idea for a text input system for smartwatches to an event at Dundee University, combining a novel, elegant User Interface with his system, which he believes has a perfect niche on these small devices. A team of 6 were persuaded to come together and pitch the idea, winning £30k funding (out of £40k) against teams of professors, lecturers, researchers and a surgeon. The new company, Nautilus Beam, with two programmers now on board too, will be unveiling their wearable tech as soon as IP protection has been performed.

As usual we will finish with an open discussion session followed by a networking reception with wine.

We are delighted to be hosted by the Entrepreneurship Club at the Business School once again, and we will kick off there at 6.30pm:

This is a free event but places are limited so pre-registration is required via the Business School site:

Speaker Bios:

David Rogers is a mobile phone security expert who runs Copper Horse Solutions Ltd, a software and security company currently focusing on IoT security research and products, based in Windsor, UK. He also chairs the Device Security Group at the GSM Association and teaches the Mobile Systems Security course at the University of Oxford. He has worked in the mobile industry for over 16 years in security and engineering roles. Prior to this he worked in the semiconductor industry. His book ‘Mobile Security: A Guide for Users’ was published in 2013. He blogs from http://blog.mobilephonesecurity.org and tweets @drogersuk

Simon Montford founded WEB3//IOT to explore opportunities in the IoT sector. This is because he believes that a perfect storm of innovation is coming our way that will finally make the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality in the home, business, and across many diverse industry sectors. Unlimited low-cost storage, processing power, and ubiquitous connectivity coupled with robust, accurate, low-cost sensors will drive the proliferation of smart connected devices. He's organising an event in Edinburgh (UK) on 29 May. The provisional agenda, and other details, can be viewed online: WWW.IOTEDI.COM

Dr Tim Willis has a background in Natural Language Processing. After a BA in Linguistics & Phonetics and two research posts at Leeds University, and another post at Lancaster University, he did an MSc and PhD at Edinburgh in Cognitive Science and Informatics respectively. He founded Flexpansion (Flexible Text Expansion) in 2008 to commercialise his research on how abbreviated text could be intelligently re-expanded into full, to help people with motor disabilities. He realised the wider application with phones and tablets and built a word prediction / abbreviation expansion app (see Google Play).

Twitter hashtag #MoMoEdi

This event is kindly supported by deltaDNA - http://www.deltadna.com/.
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