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This group is intended to provide a forum for open discussion on all aspects of installing and using the MOLPRO quantum chemistry package.  It is intended as the primary means of disseminating hints and tips on how to use Molpro effectively. It is not a means of raising queries directly with the authors of the program. For clearly demonstrable program errors, reports should be emailed to however, 'how-to' questions sent there will probably be redirected back to this forum.

The old molpro-user archives can be found here.

Only subscribers may post messages to the group, and all messages are moderated. However, viewing the group is open to all. Experienced Molpro users are encouraged to post responses to queries raised; please do contribute to make this resource mutually useful.

Personal data associated with subscribed accounts are not used for any purpose by the managers of this group.  For details of Molpro's privacy policy, see here and here.

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