Medical Professionals Warn That Environmental Toxins Pose A Growing Health Hazard

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Jan 21, 2010, 10:45:02 PM1/21/10
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Biological Dentist Eugene Sambataro and Health Psychologist Gene
Eberts Offer a Report on the Risks of Toxic Overload.

(PRWEB) January 21, 2010 -- The still unfolding tragedy in Haiti has
the attention of the entire world; and according to the Baltimore,
Maryland-area dentist Eugene Sambataro and psychologist Gene Eberts,
the full extent of the disaster may not be known for years. The two
have issued a report raising an alarm about what is known as toxic
overload, an idea which is gaining acceptance in the medical
community, despite there being considerable skepticism from some

According to the two, the toxins released into the air, water and soil
as a result of the Haitian earthquake may prove to be nearly as deadly
as the 7.0 quake itself, though they believe this to be a disaster
whose toll will only be known years from now as illnesses caused by
toxic overload occur. Whether or not people happen to be skeptical
about Sambataro and Eberts' warning of the hazards of toxic overload,
it's undeniable that people live in an age where they're surrounded by
environmental toxins and these substances can have serious and often
deadly consequences for our health.

While there are some physicians and researchers who believe these
environmental toxins to be among the primary causes of many diseases,
there are still a great many in the medical world who remain
unconvinced. This has made researching the issue problematic. With so
little attention being paid to the topic, it's not surprising that a
majority of the general public is almost completely unaware of the
dangers posed by these manmade poisons in our environment, not to
mention unaware of how to counteract the effects of these toxins.

Sambataro and Eberts have decided to raise public awareness of the
issue with their new website, Detox Secrets Blog. The site contains an
informative video about toxic overload intended to help readers
understand what the condition is, how it develops through exposure to
the environmental toxins which surround us and most importantly of
all, what people can do to minimize their risks and protect themselves
from these toxins. Anyone who is concerned about the state of the
environment or their health will certainly want to have a look at the
site and educate themselves about the dangers which are all around us.

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Media Contact:
Eugene A. Sambataro, D.D.S
5012 Dorsey Hall Drive, Suite #205
Ellicot City, Maryland 21042


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