Toxic Injury Awareness and Education Month

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Jan 25, 2011, 10:32:13 AM1/25/11
to Toxic Indoor Mold Central
You may or may not know I also am the NJ representative for the MCS
Beacon of Hope Foundation. Their main goal is to bring awareness to
the fact that we the public are being poisoned by a pleather of toxic
chemicals. These chemicals are in our food and water supplies, our
everyday products like toothpaste, shampoo, soaps, and laundry d
detergents, and Oh yea, we are also being exposed due to microbial
toxins in our indoor environments like mold and bacteria, just to
name a few.
To hopefully one day rid our planet from the intentional use and, mis-
use of these products or from many being trapped and or residing
inside toxin infested structures, the Beacon of Hope annually wages a
strong and vigorous effort contacting governors, legislators, and
even the United States President, and by asking them to Proclaim “May”
Toxic Injury Awareness and Education Month”.
As many of you know, 98 to 99% percent of the medical profession is
not properly trained to diagnose and treat the illnesses caused by
this. Many affected cannot seek medical help as they are chemically
sensitive and the medical community is so ignorant to this, that their
offices and hospitals are laced with dangerous chemical toxins thus
denying entrance to those who are in so much in need of proper
medical attention. In fact many common chronic illnesses have been
linked to chemical toxicity either directly or via immune depression
due to toxicity, which can possibly lead to fungal/bacterial
colonization in vivo (inside a human). Names you know these illnesses
by are Fibromyalgia, IBS, Seizures. Arthritis, eczema, balding, liver
disease, insomnia, chemical sensitivities, gluten and lactate
intolerance, cancer, and the list goes on.
Please visit us at and review our mission as
well as all the states that have made this proclamation in the past.
We will not rest until all 50 sign and this is proclaimed nationally
and officially by the US government. Once we have rested for five
minutes then we will continue this campaign until we rid this planet
from these toxic horrors.
Please feel free to contact your governor and legislators to sign in
support. Thank you!

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