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Arkadi Colson

Feb 4, 2022, 4:19:03 AM2/4/22


We have to migrate our storage nodes to another network range soon and I worked out a plan to achieve this. I was wondering if this is the correct approach.

We currently have 2 data centers and thus 2 network ranges and we need to migrate to 2 new DC's with 2 new ranges. Each DC has 8 storage nodes. The replication policy is to save 2 copies on each DC.

1. Migrate the first 4 storage nodes on DC A one by one to the new DC

    - mogadm host mark mogstoreX-gs down
    - mogadm host modify mogstoreX-gs --ip=[ip in new subnet]
    - change ip of mogstoreX-gs
    - mogadm host mark mogstoreX-gs alive

2. Now there are 4 storage nodes available in the new DC with the new range so we can change the zone with "mogadm settings" to the new range
    - mogadm settings set zone_gs [new subnet]

3. Migrate the 4 other storage nodes to the new network one by one

4. Do this for the DC B

Will this approach work?


Best regards
Arkadi Colson

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