Deploy my Django site and Apache with mod_wsgi_express

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Daniel Leones

Nov 8, 2021, 5:06:32 PM11/8/21
to modwsgi

I need some assistance. I have a website which I need to deploy and I have not worked with Apache before.

I developed this website using Django 3.2 with a database and I dockerized. The issue is the hosting provider only provides Apache in shared way, I mean, I just have a folder to put the website files and there configure some files. I just have the idea to write a `.htaccess` file.

I know `mod_wsgi_express` can ease some details and tie my webapp with Apache.

How can do this?

Is it possible to use this shared Apache along with my dockerized app? How?


Graham Dumpleton

Nov 8, 2021, 5:34:34 PM11/8/21
Cheap web hosting providers who only give you a directory to put stuff in are designed for running PHP applications and it isn't possible to use mod_wsgi with them as part of the common Apache instance as it isn't safe to use mod_wsgi in such shared virtual hosting providers with the way they do things.

If they provide a way of running separate long lived services (which is highly unlikely), then you might be able to use mod_wsgi-express to run a separate Apache/mod_wsgi instance, but this is still dependent on them providing a way to setup up a proxy definition in the front end Apache. Usually this isn't possible since can't do it from a .htaccess file alone.

I would suggest you go look at a different hosting provider such as Heroku or Digital Ocean and get a more capable hosting system.


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Daniel Leones

Nov 8, 2021, 6:01:19 PM11/8/21
to modwsgi
Thank you very much Graham.
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