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nitin chandra

Feb 7, 2022, 3:41:56 AMFeb 7
Hello All,

After a long gap I write to this group, and seek some guidance and
clarity to develop my Software products in Python.

Earlier I used jQuery with HTML with python(cgi) and then it was a
simple Web application front end.

Now I wish to use some of the new front end.

My current config on VPS is Ubuntu20, python3.x , NgInX+uWSGI,
sub.Domain for my product.
I know this is a Mod_wsgi group, therefore I look only for some advice
/ guidance and if possible some tips / links.

I saw the following, after 2-3 months research and testing :

1. React JS : - It's Good, but I was seeing that its quite complex to
access JSX and get value/data from Form fields and vice-versa using
python+DB (dunno how WSGI will work in the whole setup). How Do I
work with Python+uWSGI with ReactJS ? Not able to find the right
examples on the net. I have npm / ReactJS installed on my VPS.

I don't wish to use Flask / dJango, etc type of framework.

2. TransCrypt : I was looking at this, it looked like one Library
which joins ReactJS+python, but has a steep learning curve.

Challenges I see with jQuery are that modern UI components / tools are
not available.

NavBar for one.

Is there a modern UI out there which can be used with :
1. Nginx+uWSGI+Python3 ?
2. It's easy and light to understand and work with ?
I am not prototyping, I need it for production, therefore, stable and
long term support should be available.

Thank you,


Graham Dumpleton

Feb 7, 2022, 3:52:58 AMFeb 7
If you have technical questions which are not about mod_wsgi, then you are better off asking on StackOverflow. Just be aware that StackOverflow doesn't like questions where the answer would be opinion based and such questions may get shutdown, so be careful how you word your questions and make them each about solving a specific problem.
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nitin chandra

Feb 7, 2022, 9:30:44 AMFeb 7
Thanks Graham,

Yeah, SO experience is there as you said.

Well Thanks agin
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