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Gary Sharp

Feb 2, 2017, 12:56:58 AM2/2/17
to Modelur
Hi Guys...

I am a little confused regarding licensing.

We are a small office here but I also have my staff in other cities who I coordinate via skype.

I have a single professional license which I installed on my PC and noted in the authorisation email that I had 2 more activations left.

There is no explanation what this means anywhere [yes I read legal docs] but clearly they do say only in use on one PC at any time.

I am perfectly comfortable with that limitation

Nevertheless, sometimes I want my staff next to me or distant in another city to also use Modelur to work on our projects.

I had no trouble installing Modelur on the PC next to me and activating it.

And yes she is also able to run Modelur.

But my distant staff cannot activate Modelur to work on the same project.

I noticed the option to de-activate a license in the Extensions menu but this did not assist my distant staff.

I have also been through a few computers over the last two months and Modelur was installed on them too, one crashed so no opportunity to iuninstall or deactivate it!, the other was a temporary PC until my new one arrived... In this case I uninstalled Sketchup,,, in both cases I am not sure how this affects my licensing and activation?

Finally, while trying to understand how my licensing / activation works I noticed that when I deactivated a license on my PC to free it up... there was no option to reactivate it [everything was greyed out and I had to re-install Modelur and re license again [this seems like a bug]..?

In summary,, could you clarify how licensing works?

 is it by machine?,

 is it by user logon? 

is it by Sketchup install? 

 is it limited to a single workgroup?  

does 3 activations mean 3 installs all running at the same time? 

does it mean limited to three PC's only one running Modelur at a time?

Can I suggest you look at TwinMotion or Skalp.... they seem to a have a simple and fair licensing regime.   

In the case of Twinmotion, my other staff is 600km away,,, we have one license [and code] we are installed in both locations but only one can run TM at a time - there is a simple activate / deactivate command on the menu that allows us to transfer usage rights ...   

Given the trend to have distributed workforces this seems a practical and fair use of licensing, of course it means you need internet access!


Nejc Vidmar

Feb 2, 2017, 3:37:03 AM2/2/17
to Modelur
Gary hi,

did you read the right document about the different license types?

To make explanation short - there are two types of annual license: 1) node-locked and 2) floating. At the moment minimum order of 3 seats is required for floating license.

A node-locked license is locked to a specific computer. Modelur will only be able to run on the 2 computers of your choice (e.g. your desktop and your notebook).

A floating license is available (floating) anywhere on a network, instead of being tied to specific computers. Modelur will be able to run on any computer that can access the license server over the internet. The license is “counted,” meaning that the license manager keeps track of the number of “seats” hosted by that server.

Main benefit of node-locked license is that it’s available even if the computer has no connection to the license server (via internet). The main disadvantage of this license is that it can only be used on selected computers.

Main benefit of floating license is that Modelur can be used on any computer until the number of purchased “seats” is not reached. Once that number is reached, one user needs to check-out (close Modelur) in order to release a seat for another user. The main disadvantage of this license is that it depends on internet connection.

Does that explain it or are there some more doubts on how it works?

Best regards,

Gary Sharp

Feb 2, 2017, 5:26:26 AM2/2/17
to Modelur
Hi Nejc,

Sorry I missed the excellent explanation in Pricing section on your website []  and thank you for the explanation below.

Personally, I like the flexibility of the floating license [even if it requires internet]. It is a more efficient way for me to use Modelur in a distributed workforce.  It is similar to how my Twinmotion license is managed.

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