mysterious running of a micro-behaviour

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Sep 21, 2012, 7:48:41 PM9/21/12
i'd guess this is a scheduler problem, but I was wrong the last time I guessed...:

i can't see why the jobs ( red circles on the ' beach' ) flash red each hour (when minute = 0) 

the offending code is:

   do-every ( 1 ) 
            task [ ifelse my-employing? = true 
                          [ set color red ] 
                          [ set color [ 0 0 255 40 ] ] ] 

but I don't think it should be running because my-employing isn't changing.

I thought this might be due to me adding a do-after .99 enhancement to the CREATE-THE-HARBOR MB...because I noticed with this setting the minute reporter sometimes reports minute + .99...but no. putting a delay of 1 doesn't fix this issue.

i know it is the code above because if you change red to green the jobs flash green.

but why?

Ken Kahn

Sep 21, 2012, 8:17:13 PM9/21/12
I clicked on 'List Attributes' and then on 'my-employing?' and one of the writers is START RECRUITING AT 1 HOUR

It sets it to true every hour.

Mystery solved.



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