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Mar 19, 2011, 5:27:09 AM3/19/11
to ModalBox
Hi all, thaks for your help in ModalBox groups.

I have a modalbox window that contains a php form with post method,
but before to do submit i have to validate the form with javascript
I think I found the way do PHP form submit + javascript validation on
ModalBox Windows. I've tested on FF & IE

1. launch modal window from parent php page
<a href="childwindow.php" title="Title"
onclick=", {title: this.title}); return
false;">Launch ModalBox</a>

2. on child window, only use onclick event on the buttom that is going
to submit, important type="button".
I use a javascript function to validate the form (JSValidateFunction)
that return true or false.
So all is going to do is to put a condicional in onclick event to
validate or send data thru another ModalBox, that in my case is the
same child window.
<form id="formname" name= "formname" method="post"
action="childwindow.php" onsubmit="return false;" ENCTYPE="multipart/
form-data" >
<input name="OK" type="button" value="OK"
{'childwindow.php', {title: 'Result', method: 'post',
params: Form.serialize('formname'),overlayClose: true }); return
false;}else{return false;}" >
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