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Ahiya Zadok

Nov 10, 2020, 8:04:02 AM11/10/20
to mod_gearman
hii All
im new here,
 just install a naemon server with gearman enabled, using OMD suite.
server is up and ive added a host group to the worker.

im working according documentation in consol.de.

my real goal is to use gaermon for a distributed setup:
naemon server in AWS 
workers on-site preforming check_ping to my network devices (100-400).
but i cant really understand  the configuration for that setup from the documentation.
how do i configure a remote site?

basically ive started checking the naemon-gearman option after using NRPE with Nagios 4, and had load issue the nagios couldn't handle more than 400 nrpe service checks.

ill appreciate ant tip on this subject.

thanks a lot


Ahiya Zadok

Nov 12, 2020, 4:52:30 AM11/12/20
to mod_gearman
any ideas?

ב-יום שלישי, 10 בנובמבר 2020 בשעה 15:04:02 UTC+2, ‪Ahiya Zadok‬‏ כתב/ה:

Patrick Wolfe

Jul 25, 2021, 8:46:38 AM7/25/21
to mod_gearman
I do this exact thing for our Naemon+mod_gearman system.  In my software that reads our CMDB and builds Nagios(/naemon) config files, I automatically place each host in a hostgroup named "All-<dcname>-Hosts".  I setup /etc/mod_gearman/module.conf to list all the DC based hostgroups, and all the workers in each DC only connect to their one queue.  mod_gearman places jobs into the queue for that host's DC, that DC's workers pick up the job, and return the results via the check_results queue.  Works great.
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