TCP Question of Jeff Busma

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Jon Postel

Nov 10, 1986, 11:17:48 PM11/10/86
It would be useful if people interested in learning about TCP took the
trouble to at least attempt to read the document before asking questions.

TCP provides a reliable two directional octet stream. Every octet sent
by an process using TCP is delivered in the order sent. There is no
necessary relation between the data buffers used between the sending
process and the sending TCP, and the segments used between the sending
TCP and the receiving TCP, or between TCP segments and IP datagrans, or
between IP datagrams and physical network packets.

If you can close a TCP connection without getting an error then all the
data was delivered.


Dan Lynch

Nov 11, 1986, 10:07:13 AM11/11/86
Jon, There is one additional interpretation of Jeff Busma's query:
the implementation of TCP/IP he is referring to is not a valid one...


P.S. But, since there is no TCP/IP certification authority in place
we just have to speculate and probe.

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