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Jul 24, 1984, 4:08:53 PM7/24/84
Summary of newsgroup: net.motss
by Mike Simpson (msimpson@bbncca.{arpa,uucp} )
55 articles covered for July 2-16, 1984

'Bigotry' in the newsgroup (13 articles)
* One submittor put forth a sentiment about men that
others construed as being bigoted. The resultant
flurry (from which the submittor was notably absent)
continued the tendency for the newsgroup to
attract new contributors.
History/Religion/Government and Homosexuality (24 articles)
* continuations of on-going discussions
* how does the gay community view Scripture's view of
* several follow-up articles concerning
Unitarianism/Universalism and its sanctioning
of gay marriages
Incest/Rape (2 messages)
* this seems to be much more prevalent in the
heterosexual community, even accounting for
the difference in numbers
"Dear Abby" responses (3 messages)
* a less-than-pleasant situation has been resolved
Differential 'sex roles' in a homosexual relationship (4 messages)
* how different/fluid are 'sex roles' in a gay
Questions/Answers (9 messages)
* why, particularly in a bar/dance situation, do gay men
smoke so much? is the percentage of smokers
among gay men higher than average?
* what is gay life like in 'non-western' countries?
* book review: 'Flaunting It!'

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