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Mar 30, 1984, 6:17:39 PM3/30/84
net.suicide Summary March 1 - March 31 by cbosgd!ccf

There was quite a bit of discussion so far this month.

The romantic nsc!chuqui reaffirmed his belief that suicide must
be analyzed along the axis cowardly/heroic, and thoughtfully
wished for the swift destruction of those who are so stupid
as to disagree with him. Evidently nsc!chuqui has read a lot
of dog stories.

proper!gam, no fan of dog stories, has consulted his
introductory psych text and announced his impatience with any
ideas not in line with the excellent psychomedical reductions
he found there. (Why, it is depression that causes suicide,
of course! When you admit that, you can have your shoelaces
back. There aren't many surprises in psychology.)

The poet mincemeat, returning from a brief absence, threw
nsc!chuqui into snarling confusion by appearing in several
places at once (this is why you never want to let a poet use
your bathroom), showing that human motivation is not necessarily
limited by dog stories. nsc!chuqui withdrew to his cage,
sulking. proper!gam is taking the matter under advisement.

gatech!spaf, fisher!bae, and shark!hutch expressed pleasure
at the quality of the net.suicide reviews.

Finally, others too numerous to mention submitted thoughts
of no interest to readers of these excellent summaries.

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