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May 4, 1984, 2:02:41 PM5/4/84
The latest from the last week of net.sf-lovers
by Walt Pesch, ihnp4!ihuxp!wbpesch

o CONTACT, a convention to be held in california that deals with the
interrelations between Anthropology and Science Fiction.

o Once again, H. G. Wells' "Things to Come" is being discussed in
regards to various movie offshoots.

o Several articles have been posted in regards to Time Travel,
especially in ways that one could use Time Travel to make money. (I
personally favor tomorrow's racing results.)

o Serious ideas have been brought up about feasible means of
Faster-than-Light travel... (where might they lead?)

o Comics have drifted into our newsgroup (peacefully so far)

o A scathing dressing-down of Tea With the Black Dragon was given,
with several scathing rebuttals soon following.

o V is coming again soon. (But who cares?)

o Calculations have been posted that say that only 2.4E39 ergs are
necessary to blow up the Earth.

o The latest buzzword in regards to science fiction has to do with a
books "zen" nature. (Like wow, bring out the black florescent posters.)

o Heinlen & his inclusion (?) of Psionic powers discussion seems to
be coming to an end.

o LAST, but not least, is several reviews of a recent Star Trek novel
that deals with the Universe of ST before the Enterprise! This has
been rated as a must-read. It also has the first inter-racial ST
"How many Romulans does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
"151, one to screw the light-bulb in, and 150 to self-destruct
the ship out of disgrace."
(Warning: do not tell this to Romulans or ready for a fight. They
consider this joke to be a discrace, though it is not bad for a LBJ.)

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