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May 22, 1984, 11:31:29 AM5/22/84
Summary of newsgroup: net.motss
Author: Mike Simpson, msimpson@bbncca.{ARPA,UUCP}
Date of this summary: May 16, 1984
Dates covered: April 25 - May 16, 1984

21 articles covered.

Being 'out' in a college dorm (2 articles)
* how tolerant are students today?

Gay people in TV (2 articles)
* TV Guide summary
* David Letterman interviewing Harvey Fierstein

Sexual relations in the Armed Forces (4 articles)
* should this be discussed in 'net.motss'?
* are the armed forces getting more homophobic
under the Reagan Administration?

Friendship marriages (2 articles)
* can marriages without sex work?

'REAL men ...' joke (4 articles)
* is this joke offensive to gays and, by extension,
to other minorities?
* how should one deal with the person(s) posting such a

Discrimination (1 article)
* study of discrimination against gay people at MIT
done; requests to wdoherty@bbng (arpa) or
decvax!bbncca!wdoherty (uucp)

Gay and Lesbian naturists (1 article)
* article transcribed from 'Clothed with the Sun', a naturists

Follow-up article on 'sexual realignment' (Aesthetic Realism)

Magazine review: "Yellow Silk", a magazine of tasteful eroticism

Movie review: "Privates on Parade"

Follow-up request for 'coming-out' stories

Gays in politics (1 article)
* Rich Eychaner's candidacy for Congress in Iowa's 4th
Congressional District has reluctant backing of
the Iowa GOP

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