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Jul 2, 1984, 11:16:09 AM7/2/84
Summary of net.lang.c for period 6/15/84 - 7/1/84
as seen at utah-gr by Spencer Thomas
Articles 2015 - 2069 (55 articles)

Continuing discussions

unsigned - yes, you can say "unsigned short" and "unsigned long".
Not according to K&R! Well, maybe. Depends on which part of K&R
you read.
Interesting sidelight: the "V7" C compiler just translates short
into int, so you can't say "short int", but you can say
"long short"!

Side effects inside sizeof - changes to pcc to detect and warn about them.
Apparently the draft standard says that side effects inside sizeof
will not occur.

C vs Algol style semicolon usage (terminator vs separator)

(How quickly they forget!) Further discussion (under a new title) of
appending tokens using cpp.
Note: ANSI standard will not allow token formation by the

HQTF2: NULL as a pointer value (wasn't it only last month we ran this one
into the ground? It's getting as bad as "FOO" was on unix-wizards.
Maybe it's time for an addition to the "Netiquette" guide! :-)

New discussions

Is "a;" a legal declaration as "a" as an int?
Arguments from the C Reference Manual say it isn't (good!), but
some compilers accept it.

How do people do variable length structures? (Usually with a string
on the end.)
Subdiscussion about 0 vs 1 length arrays for this purpose.

6809 C compiler and 8 bit ints - what do you do on machines where 16 bit
arithmetic is horrendous?

Short discussion of argument substitution into macro definitions.

ANSI X3J11 committee has issued a draft standard for the C language, also
including library and environment standards.

Question about default case in switch statement.
Reasonable answer explaining why it's not a problem. (See the
discussion for more info.)
A cute program showing some really gross things about case statements.

Revised strings package posted to net.sources (by o...@edai.UUCP).

Chem Abstracts is looking for work done in the area of portability standards
or guidelines. Contact cbosgd!chemabs!bobr (Bob Richards).

C compiler for 8051 (but must go to object code, NOT 8051 assembler. According
to the author, this makes it a "true compiler".) Contact Scott Abbot,

Crossover from net.micro.pc: if "double a[10][20]", is "a" the same as
"&a[0][0]"? No - they are the same address, but different types.

Looking for pipes in Aztec C (sdcsvax!sdccs6!ix244@berkeley - John Antypas).

How to change the C compiler so it doesn't do arithmetic in double precision?

Question about forming a standard way to distinguish System V, System III,
Version 7, BSDx, ... programs from each other. Can we agree on
a set of #defined symbols for each? Mail to ihuxx!ignatz (Dave Ihnat).

Looking for Ctrace debugging tool (ala SP&E April 1984) (Rich Altmaier -

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