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Apr 30, 1984, 4:23:59 PM4/30/84
net.startrek --April 1984
--by Stewart Wiener (princeton!tilt!smw)

o A net.startrek survey. The outcome: Favorite character is Spock, with
14 votes out of 39. Kirk is a very close second, with 13 votes, and Scott
is third with 10 votes. Favorite episode is "City on the Edge of Forever,"
with "The Trouble With Tribbles" and "Balance of Terror" the runners-up.

o Lots of traffic on appearances of ST stars in other TV shows and films.
Followed by some notes on double appearances of guest stars (playing two
roles) within ST. It happened many times.

o The Enterprise's port of registry is noted on a plaque beside the bridge
elevator. Her home port is: San Francisco.

o A teaser reel for ST3 was shown at MassConFusion. Selected details of the
five minute extract are given. This will be an AWESOME movie.

o The energy barrier at the galaxy's edge, in "Where No Man Has Gone Before,"
is neatly explained away in Diane Duane's "The Wounded Sky." Inconsistency
discussed in 2 other episodes where the Enterprise left the galaxy.

o Animated Star Trek, the Sat. morning cartoons. 22 episodes were made in
1973-74. Worth watching; compares favorably to the original. Includes
producers, authors, and voices of actors from the series. NOT kiddie
cartoon dreck; it really IS Star Trek.

o Lists of all episodes by title, with a brief plot summary. Useful for
novices. One gives stardates for each episode.

o Debate on rank in ST2:TWOK, whether the person in command must use the
rank of "Captain," even though he's an Admiral.

o A brief Star Trek film clip in a Kodak commercial is identified as being
from "The Squire of Gothos."

o Star Trek Trivia Quizzes: an offer to post quizzes from a published book
is argued down due to copyright flames.

o Three reactions to Spock's death, taken from the survey responses.

o Praise for the existence of mod.ber by a reader who would've missed an
important (to him) notice last month.

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