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Jul 9, 1984, 7:27:33 PM7/9/84
Summary of net.lang.c for period 7/1/84 - 7/9/84
as seen at utah-gr by Spencer Thomas
Articles 2070 - 2106 (37 articles)

Continuing discussions
Variable-length strings at end of structures response summary.
An "awe-inspiring" number of responses.
A name: "open-ended structure".
They are used a great deal (some feel guilty about it, though).
Discussion of allocating space for such a structure.
Sizeof doesn't work on them (of course)

Concatenation of symbols in pre-processor. "A needed hack". Maybe
the standards committee should define a way to do it?

Need for standard CPP symbols to tell systems apart. Should have a
convention, so new names won't conflict with programmer defined
Maybe a "pre_ansi" symbol also?

"a;" as a global declaration does declare "a" as an int.

New discussions

A long, good summary of the C Language Standardization presentation
by Larry Rosler (of the ANSI X3J11 committee) at the SLC Usenix
conference. A little editorializing, but otherwise straight reporting.
A small amount of further discussion, mostly centering on function

Apparently HCR has a "C Test Suite". Any info on this?

(Rehash, again) Bug with asm and if statement in BSD C compiler.

Anyone got Tiny-C on a 6502? Contact Jim Gonzalez (linus!vaxine!gnz)

Question about lint and enums. "lint and enums seem to be mutually exclusive".

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