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Apr 10, 1984, 11:38:16 PM4/10/84
Summary of by David J. Bryant (d...@cbosgd.uucp)

* Graphics Interface '84 - 5/28 to 6/1 in Ottawa, Onatario. Registration
materials and advance program provided by ho...@clan.UUCP. Looks to
be an excellent conference.
* Summary of responses to a previous request for advice in making
real-time computer-generated videotapes from individually-generated
single frame images. Thanks to nor...@fortune.uucp
* Summary of responses to a previous request for info on fractals.
lib...@uiucdcs.UUCP is keeping a list of all known references, and
is continuing the hunt.
* Why is GKS being standardized instead of SIGGRAPH CORE? So far,
not much discussion on this one, and certainly no compelling
evidence has been presented.

* Anyone have pointers to a used 16mm movie camera suitable for doing
computer animation? Primary requirement is that the camera be able to
shoot single frames, preferably by remote control. Also, since
filming is done from a crt, the camera must have an available shutter
speed slower than 1/30. [contact: j...@mss.UUCP]
* Has anybody gotten the NCAR graphics package running under 4.xBSD?
[contact: ra...@eneevax.UUCP]
* Any known sources to electronically stored terrain maps? [contact:
min...@stolaf.UUCP] Responses so far include USGS, a company
called GeoSystems, and the Defense Mapping Agency. (Thanks to
ru...@sdccsu3.UUCP, c...@uw-june.UUCP, and ch...@dartvax.UUCP for
their help.)
* Looking for a good reference book on alignment and calibration of
the sort of video equipment found in TV studios. A handbook aimed at
the chief engineer of a television studio would be about right.
[contact: dmmart...@watcgl.UUCP] One response (from
d...@utcsrgv.UUCP) mentioned several very techincal books available
from Howard W. Sams Publishing Co. that might do the trick.
* Is there a publically-available, machine-readable database of the
Hershey font? [contact: t...@amd70.UUCP]

* Tektronix 4114A display with extras (extended communication, 3 port
peripheral interface, 256K add'l RAM, 10 peripheral slots, dual
floppies). One year old and never used. Still under Tektronix
maintenance contract. Make an offer to l...@utcsrgv.UUCP or call
Dave Galloway at (416) 978-5300.

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