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Mar 31, 1984, 12:02:53 AM3/31/84
net.startrek --March 1984
--by Stewart Wiener (princeton!tilt!smw)

o More on ST3... Dame Judith Anderson plays Amanda, Spock's mother. James B.
Sikking (of Hill Street Blues), and Christopher Lloyd (of Taxi) are in it.
Opens Friday, June 1, at a theater near you.

o Request for names of all shuttlecraft. Replies mention the Galileo (well
known) and Columbus; also (from Saturday morning animated ST) Copernicus,
and a special aquashuttle.

o Inquiry on whether any Klingons have been seen in multiple episodes, or
novels or comics. Responses include an index of EVERY Klingon in EVERY work
of ST fiction. (EVERY work? Wrong, phaser-breath!) Well, most of 'em.

o Saavik's ancestry. NO, SHE'S NOT SPOCK'S DAUGHTER. Daughter of a Romulan
raping a Vulcan, doesn't know (nor want to know) who either parent is.

o Paramount is releasing all 79 original episodes on videotape... by mail
subscription only. $19.95 each, one episode per month.

o Discussion of the 'prefix code' used by Kirk to drop Reliant's shields. Why
should there be such a security loophole? Maybe for coordinated maneuvers.

o Sarek & Amanda. Why was marrying a human "the logical thing to do"? Maybe
Spock was illegitimate? Probably not; two very different species need help
from a test-tube to conceive.

o KRAITH, a collection of stories in a slightly different Star Trek universe.
Written by pros, before they turned pro. Available only by mail-order.

o Answers to last month's trivia quiz. Amendments to the answers.

o Flame on Pocket Books for inconsistencies in their novels. They need an
editor we can trust as an AUTHORITY on the ST universe. Fontana, Gerrold,
even Roddenberry. The author of "Corona" is flamed to a crisp.

o Outstanding inquiries:
What other TV shows have ST actors made guest appearances on?
Shape changing creatures. How is it done on film; how do they explain
away the clothes changing as well? They never do.
Request for published pictures of Nomad (from "The Changeling").
Anybody know what an original (1966) Paramount ST press release
package (with photos, etc.) is worth?

o Discussions tailing off:
"Shore Leave"/"This Side of Paradise" flute theme: listening test
confirms it IS from Debussy's "Afternoon of a Faun". Or ripped off from it.
Why Kirk didn't use the transporter on the Genesis Device: either it
wasn't possible, or the writers just didn't want him to. Enough already.
More starship names. Gripe that the "Star Fleet Technical Manual" was
a money-making ripoff with too much imagination for its own good.

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