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Apr 27, 1984, 12:30:53 AM4/27/84
Summary of newsgroup 'net.motss' by Mike Simpson (msim...@bbncca.UUCP)
Dates of this summary: March 28-April 25, 1984.
36 messages covered.

-- Discrimination and gay marriages (11 messages)
* how to handle financial and legal issues
* recognition of gay relationships by employers, landlords, etc.

-- Oklahoma Resolution (1 message)
* The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling that
firing or denying employment to teachers engaging
in public homosexual activity or conduct is
unconstitutional. The Oklahoma House resolved
that the state Attorney General should appeal the
decision to the U.S. Supreme Court, if necessary.

-- Portrayal of gay people on television (3 messages)
* Review of an Esquire article which noted that
'... homosexuality may be considered too
threatening to the basic values of the
medium to be dealt with in a realistic,
ongoing way.'
* shows that 'backed out' of having homosexual characters
('Love, Sidney'; 'Dynasty'; 'SOAP')

-- Security clearances (1 message)
* difficulties in getting one if it is 'known' that you
are homosexual

-- Aesthetic Realism Foundation (3 messages)
* some of its 'followers' claimed that their study of
A.R. improved their previously negative outlook
and changed their sexual outlook from homosexual
to heterosexual.

-- Possible Link to AIDS Discovered (4 messages)
* A virus (HTLV-3) associated with AIDS patients has been
discovered. This virus holds promise in
developing a vaccine against AIDS, but caution is

-- Professional GWM seeks same for roommate in Lowell MA.
Reply to "Kidd" at mo...@wivax.UUCP.

-- Reviews and Overviews (10 messages)
* Hotel New Hampshire
* Victor/Victoria
* The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions
* Torch Song Trilogy
* Friday the 13th
* Gay Monopoly

-- Requests for information (2 messages)
* how does/did one handle 'coming out'?
* how should one take the initiative in dealing with
a predominantly straight world?

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